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Dorm Room Essentials: Pop Past the Basics and Sink Your Teeth Into a Spectacular Snack!

Dorm Room Essentials: Pop Past the Basics and Sink Your Teeth Into a Spectacular Snack!

Anyone who has gone to college or had a child go to college is familiar with the myriad dorm room essentials checklists. These often include desk lamps, bean bag chairs, extra long twin sheets, milk crate style containers, alarm clocks, hangers, laundry baskets, a shower caddy and the like. And Ė theyíre all accurate! It is true that these things are dorm room essentials. But when hunger rolls around those kind of dorm room essentials arenít going to do you much good. Thatís why we have a must-have to add to the list Ė a Whirley Pop!

Perfect for Emergency Snacking Situations

A college studentís schedule is often packed to the breaking point with classes, papers, researching, studying, work, extracurricular activities, exercising, socializing and more. There isnít always time for a trip to the grocery store for a healthy treat when a craving strikes after the cafeteria has closed. Thatís precisely what makes a Whirley Pop, popping corn, popping oil and seasonings hands-down dorm room essentials!

Student days and nights donít always follow a set schedule, and when youíre up until 3am cramming for a test, hitting the snack machine for some fuel can be tempting. With a Whirley Pop and fresh popping kernels at the ready, they can skip the salty, fat-laden snacks in favor of something healthier and tastier. And with more people than ever establishing a smarter way of eating earlier in life, these dorm room essentials just got even more essential than ever!

Ideal for Study Sessions and Gab Sessions with Friends

It goes without saying that much of what is learned in college is learned in the classroom, but learning goes beyond studies alone. We also learn things about ourselves, and we experience not only things we havenít before, but also different ways of life. Students come from different areas of the country, and even different areas of the world, and in spending valuable time with them, our horizons are expanded greater than we ever might have thought possible.

While those aforementioned bean bag chairs will prove comfy, cozy dorm room essentials during those late night talks where acquaintances become friends, a shared bowl or two of popcorn can play a fun and flavorful role as well. And if youíre the one with the Whirley Pop, chances are good word is going to get out that your dorm room is the place to be! It can work as an easy ice-breaker, and open up the doors to get-togethers that prove as good for the soul as studying is for your GPA.

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