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Small & Hulless Varieties Include:  Baby White, Baby Yellow and Ladyfinger

Fresh From the Farm ... Small, Tender & Hull-less Gourmet Popping Corns

Love eating popcorn, but dread the seemingly endless flossing session that follows each bowl? Try our gourmet Wabash Valley Farms hull less popcorn! Just as delicious as traditional kernels, each of the varieties below has been bred so that the hull shatters upon popping. The result? The best hulless popcorn you’ve ever eaten! We do want to clarify, however, that there is no such thing as truly hulless popcorn kernels. Popcorn must have a hull in order to pop, and popping is pretty important! That said, our specially-bred varieties are as close as it gets to hull less popcorn, and pop up to be what people mean when they use that term. Who knew popcorn could be so simply delicious yet slightly complicated? Popcorn experts like us did!

We believe that the best hulless popcorn – and the best popcorn in general – comes from White County, Indiana. It is, after all, the top popcorn-producing county in Indiana, and it’s home to Whirley Pop! From gourmet baby yellow popping corn to tiny and tender Lady Finger popcorn, our hulless popcorn kernels will help you keep the fabulous flavor high, and the need for floss low! Never heard of Lady Finger popcorn? Some people call this popular variety Tom Thumb. Whichever sounds more familiar to you, you’ll get the same great hull less popcorn you know and love.

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