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Wascally Wasabi Popcorn

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Recipe Ingredients:

3 Tablespoons cooking oil
1/3 cup white popping corn
1 cup loose packed, dried, and seasoned Japanese seaweed
1 bag Kasugai-brand wasabi-flavored peas
1 Tablespoon black roasted sesame seeds (or white)
1-3 Tablespoons wasabi powder
Salt, to taste

Cooking Instructions:

In a small food processor, shred seaweed until it looks like confetti. Add the sesame seeds, salt, and wasabi powder. Be careful not to inhale the dust when you blend it again. The more finely ground, the better it will stick.

Pop your popcorn and while it's still hot place in bowl. Sprinkle the seaweed mixture over the top and toss (carefully!). Allow to cool and add wasabi peas. Toss again.

Additional Comments:

Serves: 4-6

This is a great snack if you are doing an Asian-themed party. Place this out on a table with a few bowls of rice crackers. It's a great way to start a fun evening.

Contributor: Kimberly Tanaka