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Thanks so much! My husband and I enjoy our Whirley Pop so much, that when we learned his dad was getting remarried, we knew just what to get them for a wedding gift. I've never before been so excited for someone to open a gift! You guys are the best!!

M.F. Jordan, Baltimore MD

Just received 3 Whirley Pops for the family. We absolutely love them! Now we want your movie theater popcorn. Can't wait to get it. Thank you!

C. Kondracki, Belleville IL

Easy and tasted like it did when I was growing up!

S. Nelson, Indianapolis IN

As a popcorn fanactic, I can tell you there is no better way to make the best popcorn on earth than with a Whirley Pop!

T. Caffee, Miller SD

Absolutely love it! It's like how my mom use to make popcorn.

Y. VanDenBosch, Lockport NY

Love it! Makes for great family fun and nutrition.

R. Zapta, Washington DC

It's Amazing! We love it. Now we want to buy a Whirley Pop for everyone in our family!

E. Nunes, Louisville KY

Great Popcorn...better than the theaters!

S. Graves, Aurora CO

This is the second one we have. When I knew I needed another for a second home, it had to be a Whirley Pop!

S. King, Bryan OH

Used it for the first time & was very happy! All the kernels popped and it only took 2 minutes!

S. Toma, Lyndhurst OH