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Thanks so much! My husband and I enjoy our Whirley Pop so much, that when we learned his dad was getting remarried, we knew just what to get them for a wedding gift. I've never before been so excited for someone to open a gift! You guys are the best!!--M.F. Jordan, Baltimore MD
Just received 3 Whirley Pops for the family. We absolutely love them! Now we want your movie theater popcorn. Can't wait to get it. Thank you!--C. Kondracki, Belleville IL
Easy and tasted like it did when I was growing up!--S. Nelson, Indianapolis IN
As a popcorn fanactic, I can tell you there is no better way to make the best popcorn on earth than with a Whirley Pop!--T. Caffee, Miller SD
Absolutely love it! It's like how my mom use to make popcorn.--Y. VanDenBosch, Lockport NY
Had a Whirley Pop before...wonderful popper. Got a different brand for Christmas 2007 ... hated it! Just got a new Whirley Pop for my birthday. Great!--G. Fleckenstein, Ft Loramie OH
I'm very happy with my Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper! It pops so fast & every kernel pops.--P. Evans, Vermillion OH
Love it! Makes for great family fun and nutrition.--R. Zapta, Washington DC
It's Amazing! We love it. Now we want to buy a Whirley Pop for everyone in our family!--E. Nunes, Louisville KY
Great Popcorn...better than the theaters!--S. Graves, Aurora CO
This is the second one we have. When I knew I needed another for a second home, it had to be a Whirley Pop!--S. King, Bryan OH
Used it for the first time & was very happy! All the kernels popped and it only took 2 minutes!--S. Toma, Lyndhurst OH
Loved it the first time I used it - all the kernels popped!--A. Hartley, Lookout Mountain TN
We have one at home and wanted a 2nd one for the lake! Love it!--L. Burrell, Ft. Wayne IN
Excellent popcorn popper - it is so easy. Out of 12 quarts only had 2 kernels that did not pop!--D. Phillips, Cedar Springs MI
Awesome! Great tasting theater quality popcorn!--C. Beaber, Princeton IL
Easy to use, surprisingly fast, very delicious.--J. Sawyer, Brainerd MN
WOW! I didn't expect anyone to resond to my random question in the registration... I actually called before using it again (suspecting that scraping wasn't part of the design) and the gentleman on the phone helped me get it adjusted (turns out they were facing the correct way, but just bent a little wonky, needing to be straightened out a bit). That said, thank you for your email. In a day when ACTUAL customer service seems to have all but disappeared, this is a pleasant surprise! By the way, it really does make great popcorn -- faster and easier, too (and now, without that annoying scraping noise... ha!).--D.
I found the popcorn bowls I was looking for through an easy search option. The ordering process was easy and I had no difficulty with completing the purchase online. I was shopping the week before Christmas and I worried I might not get my gifts in time. However, of the five different companies, some quite large, I received the bowls within days of my order well in time for the holiday. I highly recommend this company for their service and ease of shopping.--H. Elliott-Kirsch
I sent 3 family members Whirley Pops for Christmas this year. I have never received such praise for a gift...from all 3! My sister leaves it out on her stove top, they use it so often. She sent all of the micro wave popcorn in her house to her son in college. Just wanted to say thank you for making me look good!--M. Stark
My Neice bought a popcorn popper for her Grandparents (my Parents)for Christmas. My Husband and I loved it so much we bought one for ourselves. We ordered the seasonings for the popcorn and they are delicious. The whole transaction went extremely smooth. I was surprised that the products got to our home in California knowing it was coming from Indiana. We couldnt be happier!--K. Duncan
I have been consistently impressed by the customer service I've received from this company. Not only do they follow-up on questions, but they are friendly and knowledgeable. On top of that, their products exceed expectations. I tell everyone who will listen to get a Whirley Pop (I think I've sold at least one!) and quite frankly I think I'm addicted to the real theater popcorn. Fortunately these items are reasonably priced, so I am not too worried. In a day when companies act like customers are more a nuisance than anything, dealing with Wabash Valley Farms ( has been a breath of fresh air (that smells a little like fresh popcorn!).--D. Hinesly
Great popper! Now I know the secret to movie popcorn. It's the oil and the salt! (and the popper). This is even better than the movies!--J. Xeno
The Whirley Pop makes awesome popcorn quickly and cleans up easily. Buy one!! Seriously, don't waste another dime on microwave popcorn. Night and day difference. Their premeasured Movie Theater style popcorn is delicious and works perfectly in this machine. The use of coconut oil is key to real theater style popcorn, and is contained in the premeasured packages. If you like REAL popcorn, get out your card and just do it.--S. Waring
The popcorn I order (ladyfinger type) completely spoils you, and we are unable to eat any other type. This merchant always has enough supplies on hand, fills our order quickly, and its here before you think it is possible! I have ordered from them for a few years now, and I accidently picked the wrong type a few years back. I called the customer service line and my order was corrected very quickly. I highly recommend this merchant for anyone who wants delicious, high quality popcorn, along with top notch service!--D. Savicky
The Popcorn Popper is a great place to find wonderful gifts for ANY occasion and for ANY person on your list. I bought a Holiday set for friends I know who love movies. I believed the price was a good deal for a cozy night in during the holidays; included a classic Christmas movie. Very unexpected and unique idea that made the gift so much more special. I highly recommend The Popcorn Popper.--S. Solomon
Whirley Pop popcorn poppper is by far the best popcorn popper EVER...Their popcorn is just as good, I quit buying popcorn at the local store cause it was always flat tasting. Whirley Pop is worth the money!--T. Bell
I love the popcorn and how quickly we get the order. Lady Fingers is my favorite and we have it every Friday Night. Friday Night is our movie and popcorn night and I cant wait till Friday to have Lady Fingers. My 2 sons always come down when I am making it and say, I smell Lady Fingers! Thanks.--C. Warren
This is a great place to get your popcorn dreams started! The Whirley Pop does an excellent job, but even more excellent than that: the customer service. You really get a personal touch with the people at Wabash Farms and I appreciate being treated like a human being and not some number.--D. Medina
Great product, so glad to have a snack without trans fat, that is very important. The popcorn is great, the service is wonderful, I have alreay told friends, and we will continue to give corn poppers as gifts. Well be back!--D. Campbell
When I first discovered this Whirley Pop popcorn popper, we tried it and since have loved the taste and speed with which this popper makes popcorn. My teenage daughter also loves it. We couldnt wait to get our order as we recently moved and our original popper remained in storage. Thank you for such a wonderful product.--C. Heppe
I LOVE the popcorn and have ordered from them for the past 4 years. I recommend them to all my family and friends.--E. Hernandez
This was a great company to deal with. Absolutely no problems. I will use them again and again. Ordering was easy and delivery came before expected.--P. Frole
I'm truly amazed at the continued quality and excellent service that this company provides. I practically live on popcorn and these people just keep getting better and better products for me. Thank you Popcorn Popper!--C. Tyler
Great Gifts from a great company! I have never been disappointed with my many transactions with!--G. Hams
Merchant sent products at the speed of light! My mailman had flames coming from his shoes! Products are outstanding! Highly recommend this merchant to everyone! See ya soon for more!--A. Liscum
From the first Whirley-Pop unit as a gift several Christmases ago thru the recent order this company has always been top notch in all aspects of sales, service and pricing - its a pleasure to do business with them.--G. Hehman
Great company to do business with. I ordered off the web site and found it easy to complete the order. I had my popcorn in a few days in a very neat package.--R. St Pierre
YOU ALL ROCK! Whirley Pop is a big part of me and my fiances movie nights. There's nothing like that fresh taste! Thanks for making such a wonderful invention.--Frankie D.
Being a military family stationed overseas shopping can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. The ease of your website was excellent. And my kids have a blast making popcorn what they call the old fashioned way. Thank you!--T. Musgrave
Love the Popcorn Popper and the Popcorn that we bought. Everything is great. Thanks.--J. Severs
Great product; popping oil makes popcorn that tastes just like what you get at the theater, but at a fraction of the cost. The order was processed quickly and received in only a few days. The website is very easy to navigate and full of useful information. Communication is excellent. is a benchmark for what internet shopping should be like.--C. Fowler
Excellent popcorn and other products, excellent reesponse time over the internet and great customer service!--S. Chin
I have made purchases in the past with this company and it is always the same. Great product, great price and excellent delivery. I can honestly say that I have not had such a great experience with any other company. Keep up the good work and I look forward to ordering again soon.--Head Over Heels Moonwalk Rentals Inc.
I love popcorn & this is the best I've ever had! Shipping was very fast.--K. Moody
I just ordered a "New" red whirley popper today for our 29th Wedding Anniversary. It was time to replace our "original whirley"..thanks for the years of service...some things are just to "good" to give up.--P. Rice
I recently purchased Real Theater Popping Oil and want to drop you a note thanking you for your great product and prompt service. I've searched all over for coconut oil with no luck until I finally got online and found your site. Your popping oil is fantastic! As a popcorn lover, I've yearned to make popcorn to taste this good. Thanks again for making this possible.--R. Conway, Jr.
Great popcorn. Try once and youll never eat microwave popcorn again.--L. Griffin
Excellent product, prices and fast delivery. I will buy again and again and again.--B. Sadwin
Service was prompt. The product I purchased was really good! I couldnt be more pleased.--E. Faulkner

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